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Simpler than the cateye – #ishimmerlashes

hfLong, thick, and full eyelashes are a symbol of beauty and femininity in many cultures. Applying false lashes is the easiest, at first it might seem kind of hard and uneven, but once you get the hang of it, it gets as easy as applying mascara 🙂

  1. Use Duo lashes adhesive that is black or brown if you have dark lashes.
  2. laying a hand mirror on a flat surface directly under your chin
  3. Apply a very thin strip of the adhesive glue to your thumbnail.
  4. Using a set of tweezers, gently dip the base(strip)  of the false eyelashes into the duo adhesive.
  5. Close your eyes as much as you can while gazing into the mirror.
  6. Place the lashes as close as you can to your natural lashline.

An Easier way of applying Falsies:

  1. Try cutting them up in two or three sections.


Falsies Don’ts:

  1.  Never go to sleep with your lashes on.
  2. Never share your falsies with anyone.
  3. don’t remove them off agressively, as it decreases their use duration.


By Ayah Mufleh

Walk the beauty journey with me as the woman behind #ishimmer lashes.

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